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Plastimer Industrial Corporation was founded on September 21,1972 and an Integrated Management System Certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 2015 Standards. ( Quality and Environment ). read more...

Plastech Industrial Corporationwas founded on May 1,1987 and an Integrated Management System Certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 2015 Standards. ( Quality and Environment ) and FSSC 22000 certified for Food Safety Management System. read more...

Alphatech Development Corporation was founded on May 1, 1999. and is compliant on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 2015 Standards. read more..

  Plastimer Group of Companies is the leading provider of globally-competitive plastic products and services.

Plastimer Group of Companies provides products and services that allow its customers to compete in the world market with confidence.

  Careful sourcing of its raw materials world-wide, professionally-managed operations, continues enhancements of its people's competence, and the latest process technologies and facilities are aimed at satisfying its  
  customers, owner, employees, suppliers, partners and the communites where it operates.  
  As a responsible corporate citizen, it leads in keeping environment-friendly existence.  
  Quality, Environment, Safety & Health ( QESH ) Policy  
  Plastimer Group of Companies is committed to provide employees a safe, healthy and environment friendly  
  workplace through the elimination or reduction of safety and health hazards, protection of the environment thru the sustainable use of resources and implementation of management and control of polluting processes. Our commitment also includes elimination of causes of all possible safety hazards in our products.  
  We are also committed to comply with relevant legislation, regulation and other requirements to which  
  Plastimer Group of Companies subscribes and continually improve our Quality, Environment, Safety & Health (Occupational and products) performance through a periodic review for adequacy, suitability and effectiveness in consideration of its strategic directions and its response to the changing business environment.  
  Plastimer Group of Companies will provide her customers quality, safe, legally compliant and reliable plastic products ( packaging materials, crates and material handling items, industrial and custom moulding items) and responsive services to consistently achieve customer and other relevant interested parties needs and satisfaction.  
  Likewise, the company with the highest consideration given to employee and product user welfare is committed to carry out all functions in the company promptly and with utmost accuracy thru an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner.  


  Plastimer Industrial Corporation is committed to the highest level of integrity in the conduct of business. The company believes that compliance with the highest standards of ethical conduct is critical to maintaining trust and credibility with customers, partners, suppliers and employees, and is key to the company’s long-term survival and success. To achieve this, Plastimer Industrial Corporation will operate and require its suppliers/subcontractors to operate based on the following:  
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Refraining from improper and illegal business practices including corruption
  • Compliance with anti-corruption legislation
  • Respect for human rights
  • No discrimination based on gender, religion, ethnic background and protection from harassment.
  • Respect for workers’ rights and no tolerance for child labour and forced labour.
  • Protection for the safety of employees and contractors/subcontractors.
  • Protection of the environment
  • Assuring performance of work according to recognized quality standards.
  • Make business decisions and actions on the best interests of the company and should avoid any activity that may lead to a conflict of interest.
  • Prohibition against accepting a bribe from or providing a bribe to any person acting in the course of business or in relation to the performance of their duties.

All Plastimer Industrial Corporation personnel as well as project partners, suppliers and subcontractor play an instrumental role in achieving conduct of business according to these guidelines.




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